A Fresh Start Maybe?

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    Yeah so i got a bit too personal and deeply invested in stupid posts i wrote. I’ve been talking to my mate about it and he put things into perspective.

    Why was i even bothered about stuff that will never change, that i have no power to change and no real substance to talk about. So My apologies to the members i offended, And I’m hoping you guys will forgive me. I’m not in any way proud of being a dick sometimes, it just seeps out of me like that wet one Bandit did at the end of his 20k win today 😉 I have no power over it’

    Yeah i opened a new account and proceeded to write a fake reply to the comments, pretending to be someone who had my back. Guess i did that cos it seemed like literally everyone was against me. That was the wrong thing to do, and i feel like a right numpty for doing it.

    Anyway fuck it. sorry again and I’m hoping we can move on. Great to have The Bandit Back.


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    ???????????????????????????? brilliant

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    To be fair, I think the thing you certainly do NOT do when you’re in a debate on the internet is make another account and have your own back.


    That should tell tell you enough about your argument/POV, don’t even know why I’m bothered really I’m here for the bandit and nothing more. Couldn’t give a toss about What casinos do/don’t do, I think everybody knows deep down there are shady things that go on though 😛

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    Fair play in admitting to that, appreciate you making this thread, Just Basics. I’m sure we’ve all felt like you at some point in the past.


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