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    Pottimus82 WANTED $2

    Dear Mr Bandit,

    we all know you like to keep us entertained and always looking for different ways to do so, so looking forward to the special. Just a few thoughts and I’m sure others have ideas too,

    24 hour live stream a day In the life of the bandit including a bar session at the golf club see how a degenerate lives, invite a few to join you.

    buy shares in a racehorse and gift them as prizes to your loyal minions with a day at the races.

    fa cup style slot knock out, ball ache to set up and time consuming (sure you have helpers)but sure would all enjoy, 128/64 teams/slots (prize draw for followers if you name gets pulled out you get that team/slot) straight knock out bonus buy (on minimum stake) best of 3 rounds highest amount paid back goes through, then quarter semi and final increase stake, sure you would find some sort of prize for winners.

    charity boxing match vs Roshtein, need I say more but sure we would all appreciate you beating the shit out of muppet

    Poker match or slot battle teams or singles bandit & Phillip take on the world, invite other streamers rock n rolla, hideous slots in a last man standing,

    sure there plenty more but just some food for thought, discounted a major party and piss up as let’s face it that’s not going to end well



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