3 clown monty 2 Mini Cheat

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    Froliver WANTED $2

    Afternoon all,

    I’ve noticed that if you get the B-O-N-U-S bonus in the main game that there’s a little bug, I’ve been playing on my phone.

    You’ll be presented with three cups, one with 2x one with 5x and one with 10x.

    The 10x is always on the far right, as soon as the cups show (before they move around) start tapping/clicking over the 10x cup and don’t let them move around. You’ll always win the 10x.

    It doesn’t work when selecting how many wilds you have with the main bonus. There’s also the B-O-N-U-S in the bonus game with bigger X wins but I haven’t had the chance to test on that yet.

    Hope it works for you and enjoy

    Froliver WANTED $2


    After getting 10x maybe 12 or 13 times in a row it has just given me a x5 and an x2.

    So, I was either unbelievably lucky or it’s a game mechanic. Take your pick!

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