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    Berty1000 WANTED $35

    Well Steve,

    I know your video’s can sometimes take days to create and edit, and how sick you must be of hearing people complain when you need a break. But I’m going to moan anyways and ask is their any chance of a push to reach 100k subscribers. 

    There are a number of benefits for reaching 100k which I’m sure your aware of, but mainly that the content becomes more widely accessible for potential new viewers/ subscribers.  Your on 84.2k followers as we speak. Leaving just under 15k subscribers to go!

    I know your not interested in charging followers for your content but I also think that us regular viewers would be more than happy to support you through revenue if the option was made more available.

    Such as: Buying Merch, entering competitions through likes and shares( marketing promotions), denotations for game selection or shout outs on stream – This is not none ethical its just helping pay for the hours of work you put in behind the seen which goes unnoticed by the majority. Furthermore is provides another interactive experience for us !

    If I have the option of donating a few quid, knowing that you would give my game choice 50/ 100 spins, or give a shout out,  I would and know others would too.

    ( Hire a video editor, to make things easier for yourself).  I’m sure people would love to see collaboration videos of the past 6 years such as ( Big Wins, Super Bonuses, Roller-coaster up & downs, favourite moments, biggest wins of the year ect). This would take pressure off yourself to constantly be making videos as one of these a week would keep folks engaged between each new release.

    I know your no ejit and have thought about all this but just thought I’d moan anyways. I’ve been off online gambling myself since the new year which has been massive for me personality and that is because I, like many other can get are buzz from watching your videos!

    Hope your well Buddy and look forward to that 100k Picture with you and the deserved plaque!

    All The best,

    Bertie !





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