100k Drop

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    The Bandit WANTED $5,354
    El Bandito

    I think we need to discuss this one….. it seems that you can get through the first round with the full amount quite often, would you agree? Is it perhaps a technique to be tried, take the full amount through round 1 and then get splitting, of course it is just my gamblers brain thinking this is better, that is better, i know argyl will be along shortly to tell me to shut up haha but i know what you mean argyl, us gamblers just have these funny superstitions on some games don’t we!

    tyti1000 WANTED $43

    If the first one survive, maybe from the next one will be better to split 50-50 and go all the way.

    Anonymous WANTED $483

    Its a boring as fuck game mate! But u make it more enjoyable by doing the whole shabang on one drop. keep doing the 4k on the first 2 rounds then split on the 3rd. Im guessing you will get it through soon!

    Geordiemark42 WANTED $67

    These types of games are shite lol. I know features can pay nothing but these types also deal or no deal are the worst I have seen. Will never play them as the odds of hitting the big one will be slimmer than a slim lass on slimfast. Without your bit banter they would be unwatchable for me.

    Scrooge WANTED $5

    Very boring game, shitty RTP and shitty gameplay. they should make it a bit more fun somehow. But heck, you KEEP losing on it like a madman (Yeeahaaa)

    Ashleycrane WANTED $3

    A game that has a bonus that pays out probably 5% of the time shouldn’t even be available to play. I know you can get a bonus pretty fast but on 1 of your recent vids im sure it took you about 90 spins for a bonus that paid 0. Let this slot die dont promote it by playing it lol

    Steller WANTED $34

    The only tactic I would use would be to pile all the money onto the same box. Law of averages mean it will come up sooner or later. Not on box 4 though as that one opens early a lot.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)