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Paulio71 WANTED $4

The Bandit wrote:

Alriiigghhttt feckerrrssss!


SooOOooOooo i thought it would be nice to give away some more money, this one is a free giveaway so the only sign up you need is to this forum so you can actually post your guess!


The question is…. Can you guess the amount of my weekend booster this Friday at VideoSlots?!


I have played a load of Reel King and i am expecting a decent wedge so i thought it would be good to give it away to the person or persons that can guess the closest! I don’t know how much it will be myself yet but it should definitely be a good hit! Get your guesses in by Friday midday before either myself or Seedy will post “No more guesses!”


One guess per person please and can you guess in the format of pounds and pence, £123.45 for example.


If two or more people guess the exact same amount and that amount is correct, the prize will be shared. By closest i mean to the pence, if it was £123.45 then £123.46 beats £133.45, i know most of you don’t need me to say that…. but some do lol


If you take more than one guess, only your first guess will be valid, so please only guess once! No multi accounting either – we will know haha!


Cheers and good luck!


HINT – IT IS UNLIKELY TO BE LESS THAN £200!! <—- i have edited this bit in, i will accept another guess from those that guessed under £200 originally, my fault!