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tfislots WANTED $1

ive been playing bookies FOBTs for as long as i can remember which mainly included roulette, and lost everything. house, missus, family, job…the lot. every payday i was in there spending the lot. it took me years to realize that i was always playing to lose. whenever i would hit a streak it would never be enough to stop and take the win. i would try the next game or the next machine and even sometimes going out my way to a different bookies which obviously would take the lot back. i sold, stole, begged and borrowed before it dawned on me that i was never going to win. there was no real help for gambling problems a few years ago but i beat my addiction my own way and got back on the right track rebuilding. i have one online account which has a deposit limit on and never been back in the bookies since looking for my lucky jackpot number 26 coming in lol……i wish