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aaronoafc wrote:

Aug bank holiday weekend last summer.

I go watching oldham away at Blackpool a load of us booked for the 2 nights as it was bank holiday. Arrive the weather is amazing and it’s full of oldham fans. As you can imagine the beers flowed. The same night of the mayweather v mgreggor fight we watched it in the casino next to sand castle swimming baths.

I’ve always gambled but not been to a casino a huge amount of times. I went over to the roulette table really drunk lost my first few spins after doing 30-40 quid stakes. I thought right 10 on 29 my fave number and go, boom 29 I was amazing, I thought right use ya brain gamble with the 60 and go, what numbers do I hate 6 16 and 4 so I put 25 each on 6 and 16 and the 10 on 4  by this point the lads had Come over the ball spins and boom 6 Land’s with 25 quid on it for 900 quid absolute scenes. Unbelievably I had another spin and kept 25 on 16 and boom it landed absolute carnage another 900 quid. Decided to get away from the live table and play a few slots. After about a hour dicking about and not watching the fight tilled up and left with 2200 quid after a epic night. It’d safe to say the rest of the weekend was absolute carnage.

Haha sounds like an awesome night!

You did well to leave that live table alone and plod on enjoying the rest of your night lol Funny story on roulette at a casino too, the guy spun the ball round and it jumped off the wheel and smashed me in the forehead! The bloke just laughed, fucking hurt it did lmao