Reply To: Be careful who you follow!

cleo13 WANTED $1

Hi Steve

Im one of those who enjoy your online slots,

And if a game you play isnt my cuppa, I simply fast forward to the next slot.

And i found it bloody annoying the amount of idiots who  simply

jump on your slots and spout rubbish, Especially the trolls

not liking the slots you play and i find it puzzling why they even

visit if they dont like then slots you play.

Im disgusted to hear your vid today were youve mentioned getting death threats,

Its absolutely outrageous for anyone to make such threats ,And quite frankly

id be reporting those responsible to youtube, And hopefully get them banned.

Im hoping you will continue to play as you do and have enough wins to

keep your head above water enabling you to play for those of us who

enjoy your content.

And im one of a few whose glad you disabled chat .