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Srx23 WANTED $22

Tylerattwood wrote:

I have deposited on video slots a lot mostly lost over the years added new cards though Apple Pay now i have won some money 200 pound can’t seem to withdraw it even tho the card I used is verified and my address and id they want me to prove the cards that I have lost or destroyed how can i possibly verify the cards when I don’t have them they seem to keep messing me about I don’t know what to do next seems like there giving me the run around just to not pay out

I’ve had this before-I really don’t see the point of that particular verification, but I needed to do it for LeoVegas a few years back. You need to contact your bank and ask them for a letter confirming that the card with the particular number they are asking for was yours. I did it, it was a massive ballache, and then six months later Leo did it again for another card that was defunct. Since then I haven’t played there, I havd a to-and-fro with their online chat ending in me closing my account with them.