Reply To: 500 Casino has banned UK players WTF

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El Bandito

Tbh i think it is something they always intended to have in place anyway, like the other one for example, i’ve never been able to look at any of it without the VPN turned on, this kind of gambling carries risk, as does any type of gambling, there are plenty of stories of UK facing normal places going pop over night and any balances being really hard/impossible to get at, i guess it’s just something you have to accept there is a chance of happening. I wouldn’t say the chance of it happening was any higher just because it is a crypto place, it’s a very well established crypto place played at by a lot of players with followings so it would be insane to start all of a sudden being dicks with people. I noticed the change and it didn’t happen that long ago but my first thought was to turn the vpn on and try again and it was all the same so i just assumed they’d corrected something they always intended to happen anyway.