Reply To: 500 Casino has banned UK players WTF

notrege WANTED $41

Hi Steve thanks for the reply,

Why did you KYC? Was it self initiated? I have deposited a literal shit ton at this place and only ever been asked to confirm my email so i’m not sure why that has happened, are your ins and outs in the millions or something?

I couldn’t KYC, i just noticed that before i could access the site normally and depoist, claim vouchers and Rain etc (did need the vpn to play the games as i was doing it in $ anyway as you get to play high stakes) and then i was getting the “access banned” message so wanted to check everything was ok because i have deposited 3.5-4k (with fees etc)

When you say reached out to me, how did you do that? Its the first i’m seeing of it.

i posted here, i sent an email to “TheBandit*********” and used the “contact us” form on the website

Do you use a VPN? The only change i have seen recently is i used to be able to look at my profile, see my rakeback etc with it turned off but now i can’t, so i just make sure its on now if i want to look.

I do use VPN for the games but if the entire UK is banned i didn’t want to be in a position where i had sunk more money into it and if i won big the account would just be closed, i’m down 1-2k on the site so been increasing the stakes slowly in a controled way in a bid to try claw some RTP  back but now don’t feel like its safe to do that.

Anyone else actually gone on live chat and told them they are from the UK? I’m just trying to understand why you’d do that – the casino is openly VPN friendly, they told me i could say that, they don’t need to know anything from you.

I started the chat because it was clear something had shifted recently where the UK was recently banned, they couldn’t argue against compliance because the website was accessable, but banning UK leads to 0 confidence that any genuine big win would be paid out.

i get that most of this you don’t have to give a shit about, i joined to support the channel because i’ve followed you for 7 years+ and enjoy the content and having a bash and with 500 knowing you are UK based i thought that offerd some secruity (crypto casinos are mostly unregulated)
but now i feel that has kind of vanished with them banning just as i was starting to get to the rewarding levels