Reply To: I’ve lost 14k

Anonymous WANTED $16

Advice for posters here and others with gambling issues – do not come on this forum and do not watch the videos. Regardless if someone says in the videos “I play so you don’t have to”..this is a trigger for many, especially when he hits the big wins. It’s a false interpretation of gambling and if you can’t settle your mind that he is only showing highlights(and some lowlights) then you need to stop watching.

Couple of things I will say. I feel it is massively irresponsible to have an affiliate link to 500 Casino on the main page without a requirement to login. It’s especially irresponsible as this is a UK streamer who is providing the link. If he is caught out by UKGC he will receive a delisting request as many affiliates have over the past 6 months. Secondly, said casino 500 Casino, do not have ANY responsible gambling tools at all. I have evidence that if you tell them you have severe gambling issues they will just confirm you want to “delete all account data”. You can then just open a new account, no self exclusion, nothing. For an Antillephone licensed operator this is shocking, even more so because Antillephone are specific about UK being a banned country. This lot and BC.Game are not for people that are on Gamstop or have severe issues. If a problem player gets an urge to exclude a first problem account then they can still open unlimited accounts! I myself have lost around a quarter of a BTC on 500 and don’t really feel like some of the games play that well…(I already posted about how crap PNG slots were playing). That’s another story for another time but anyone expecting any responsible gambling on these sites needs to think again.

Back to the affiliate thing, posting that link on a page open to all Internet traffic with no sign up required to access is a complete and utterly mindless decision imo. There are delisting requests galore at the moment for affiliates linking to these casinos which hit UK traffic. It’s a crazy risk from a popular streamer to do this and you could easily have a delisting request in the post.