Reply To: Crypto depositing


Vinny123 wrote:

Revolut may send to any address but many are rejected when entered in the send screen, No transfers directly to BCgame would work for me, neither would transfers to most wallets.The only use I could find for them was as a means converting BTC to fiat and back to my bank account at great expense,Since I was slapped with SOW by them I no longer use them.

Regulation is creeping into Crypto transactions and probably within a year it will be impossible to send funds to any gambling site without submitting extensive documention.One thing I cant get my head round is why online gambling is singled out as a bad thing and banned by many exchanges when the majority of Crytpo deposits are made with the intention of making a profit by trading,which in my mind is gambling on a massive scale.I invested large sums into UK investment plans over the last couple of years and the potential daily losses can be eye watering,far greater than anything a rational person would lose at a Crypto casino.

So all in all its pointless. Seems like there’s alot more risk involved with Crypto than normal gambling sites. Shame really atleast with normal sites for the UK you are guaranteed that your money will be deposited to and withdrawn from the site.

Think I’ll just continue with being shafted from sky and paddy then lol

Cheers for the info