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AppleSux WANTED $4

lee020 wrote:

Had been playing at for 6 months when my crypto balance was stolen.  In hindsight I should have enabled 2FA, but their custoemr support was awful, scripted responses and 40 minutes to read my original message.  They honestly couldn’t give 2 shits just telling me that the transaction had been completed successfully!!!  They didn’t care that I never asked for the transaction.  Until that point I was playing about £50 per week and although down it wasn’t by much and I’d never had an issue with withdrawal.  I wont’s play there again, but until the theft I would say that the casino was fair on both the wins and the withdrawals  (except those evil fucking unicorns, they never won).

Sorry for the loss but this has to be inside job. Either the casino or one of your “friends”. They would need to login to your BC. GAME account to trigger the withdrawal. I must admit I hate that you have to manually add the withdrawal address every time. They should have it that they save the address and you have to authorise, even via email or sms, a new address.