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I asked to close my account, but like casinos, they wait until you have some money on it and ask you, I did tell them to keep the money and close my account, but they refused wtf £400 was not a small amount but fk them I do not want to deal with them

Revolut you can only receive Bitcoin all others are blocked, but you can send any crypto

looks like the end of crypto casinos has been started

P.s. I reopened my Kraken wallet fakers blocked my money for 7 days coz I deposited from PayPal, I tried another wallet Mexc Wallet they blocked my funds for 72 hrs wtf is going on now, wallet they need to block your transfer for 72 hrs When you open a new account… so if you open a new account just deposit £10 and wait for 72 hrs to make a bigger deposit, Also Skrill now charger for deposit and cashout plus transfer

Crypto casinos need new options to make payment

Yeah I only use BTC on Revolut for this very reason. You can’t receive any other crypto which is a bit restrictive. Still, if you get salary paid into Revolut then there is no source of wealth needed. They confirmed this to me…probably so that I would just use them for all my banking/crypto/European trips!