Reply To: Yo Bandit, reference your comments on the 110% post

satman WANTED $2



I will find out from the “anorak” when he started the data… and it wasn’t done or worded in any way, in order to manipulate anything… I assumed your brain fart on 9-5 that time where you cremated a decent balance would have hit it hard but it didn’t make that much difference in the grand scheme of things,

as I have said, message me an email address or a way of sending it to you and I’ll shoot it over… it does make interesting reading… and for transparency the reason we started it initially was to see if the stats were able to predict what games you were potentially due a win on or a loss… so for instance 9-5 I believe initially you hit 3 max wins off 11 spins ( that’s from memory )


the average is 1/7 ish so you were way above the curve…

next session it battered you …

sugar rush you hit hard on your first crypto site for a 2.5k and a 7k I think ( memory again ) then it went feral….

interesting I think your latest big win on it was on the new site… which obviously doesn’t have your history to worry about…


we have felt slots are compensated some way in the back ground for a long time now and that’s how this all started.. it’s not a witch hunt!

cos you would make a rubbish witch !!

so let me send it to you,