Reply To: Steves upcoming laser eye surgery

Vinny123 WANTED $9

Sounds just like I was, I used to do really close up work repairing PCB,s without using glasses,my income depended on it, after the surgery even with glasses,i had no chance of being able to carry on doing it, fortunately my circumstances changed and I didnt need to.The Surgery WILL change your close vision,and you will need reading glasses or contact lenses.I just dont think its possible to get perfect distance and close vision by a laser procedure.Really dont want to you put off having it done,it depends what you are expecting it to do for you and what the benifits are that you are hoping for.The Halos are weird, they last a few weeks,when you look at a bright light  like a light bulb, it will have a massive halos around it.Sure you will let us know how you get on.