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The Bandit wrote:

Hi Folks


I thought it would be much easier to do a forum post and pin it than to explain at the start of every video what i am doing, how i am doing it, why i am doing it etc so here goes….

After suffering the loss of turbo spins, auto spins and bonus buys, having stakes lowered and restrictions put in place for total deposits in the UK in recent years, i have plodded on for a couple of years but the level of content has clearly suffered. Crypto casinos have been about for a few years now and are quite common place in the gambling scene now so i have taken the plunge.

I want to find out for myself what you can do, how you do it, what you can’t do, the good places, the bad places and the ugly places and of course i will be sharing all that information with you all.

I have chosen BC Game as my first adventure down the Crypto route, it came recommended from friends, other slot players and you guys as well via YouTube comments, tweets and private emails as well as face to face discussion. I felt that due to its partnerships with such big names, the Argentina FA, David Luiz etc that they must at least be a decent big outfit with a solid reputation.

Of course to make the most out of the site i need to access it using a virtual private network and for this, i opted for the one i have seen advertised on the TV, Nord. When i open Nord, i select to connect to Ireland and i can then play how you see me play on my videos.

Having never ventured down the Crypto route in the past, i didn’t have the necessary wallet for deposits so i needed to join one, after some discussion with friends, i opted for as a wallet and then took the necessary steps to fund the wallet. From that wallet i can then send currency to my BC Game player account and crack on, as you will have seen.

On my casino page here at backinamo, you will see BC Game in the top position – if you want to play there, please use my code which is bandit1981 and then you will be classed as one of my referred players, you of course don’t have to join anywhere at all to watch my videos or post on here so do not join if you don’t want to.

I have done a deal with BC Game for 20 videos, over the loose timescale of 1 month – this is going to obviously mean plenty of content, i appreciate that many people will not agree with this kind of gambling but i am doing it not you, you can sit back, relax, and watch me go mad at how shit most of my bloody bonuses are, please think about what you are saying to someone that you ultimately do not know before you give me untold amounts of shit and abuse for not a lot.

If you would like to ask me anything about anything, feel free. Also, any game request you may have… put them in here too as it would be miles easier for me to find them all in one place.