Reply To: Same thing happened regarding your bank account to somebody else

ImperialDragon WANTED $67

What bad timing Steve.  My Santander account (might have still been Alliance & Leicester back then) got emptied 2 days before Christmas in 2007.  Like Barclays said, there are delays around bank holidays but they still worked on the days around Christmas.  If memory serves, my balance was reimbursed in the following week, so before the New Year.  In my case, they reckon it was via a cloned debit card.  I can’t think how that has happened, but I haven’t carried cards with me for a few years now as I can use my phone.

I hope this gets sorted before the New Year Steve.  With it being £2M, I can only think that one of the crypto bodies was involved as they have your details and they are unregulated.  If Barclays make a pig’s ear of it though, I can imagine this will end up in the press like with the Birmingham lady.