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Vinny123 WANTED $8

Will run you through the basics

First you need a decent VPN, would recommend Nord,its not free but cheap and reliable.

Next you need an exchange,this allows you to deposit funds from your bank either by debit card or bank transfer which is a lot cheaper.You then need to purchase the  crypto of your choice,would tend to stay away from Bitcoin due to high volatility and high fees.I tend to use Litecoin.

The crypto then needs to be sent to the casino, one word of warning, the funds can be sent to the casino directly but you risk the exchange account being closed if they are not gambling friendly, I have lost a lot of accounts that way.

I would advise you sign up to a wallet and transfer the crypto from the exchange to the wallet then onto the casino to avoid problems.

The process of tranferring funds is straight forwards, you go to the wallet or casino , select the type of crypto and click on recieve, (or deposit in the case of a casino), this will bring up a crypto address which you copy.On the exchange or wallet again select the type of crypto you sending and click send and paste this address in the form, making double sure that the correct address is used,If its wrong you may lose your crypto.That is basically it

When you want to withdraw from the casino ,send the funds to the wallet address, then from there to the exchange where you can sell the crypto and transfer the money back to your bank

Sounds complicated but you soon get used to it, would advise you read up on line about it before depositing and do a test deposit of low value the first time to make sure everything is ok

Hope this helps