Reply To: Review and opinions of the Crypto journey so far.

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Hey Bandit,

I enjoy watching the crypto slots but I think you need to watch some of the content creators on here as they seem to have a lot of different ways to play that is more enjoyable

my tips

This tip is based on the gambles when you buy a bonus… give yourself an amount of spins then stop the gamble ie 8,9 not the full amount of spins as it’s just gonna rinse ye

second tip – do all slots from 1 provider for 1 video at a time

third tip – use the spacial spins normally on the left so you pay for example £20 for one spin but it’s a certain amount of guaranteed symbols plus a possible bonus with increased chance

forth tip – they call it a strat raise so you start from the min stake then do 1,5 or ten spins at each stake till you get a bonus if you reach the highest stake carry on for however long you can till you want to stop and change game

fifth tip – play a slot with the highest potential from each provider

if you want to know what providers and slots they have you can just Google it


good luck