Reply To: Crypto Casino Journey – Questions and Answers

Scorer1991 WANTED $1

Hiya mate,

Long time supporter of you and your content, me and the wife watch your videos like our parents used to binge coronation street back in the day.

Anyway, thought I’d update you on my crypto journey so far too as I started on the same site maybe a month before yourself, ive had no issues with bc game (until now but I’ll explain further down) I’ve had some good runs and some bad runs, been lucky enough to max win sugar rush 4 times and a max win on Das X Boot 😍 along with some other nice wins.

Now moving on to my only issue, I don’t know if you could help at all with any contacts you have but worth a shot I suppose.

My Mrs was playing the other night and won about £1.5k, she’s already withdrawn multiple times previously with no issues but for some reason her account was partially locked and she cannot withdraw until she has completed the dreaded KYC,  we completed this almost over 5 days ago and received zero response from the site despite pestering them every day, I don’t know if this is a delay tactic so we spunk the money which is now over £7k thanks to a £2.5k win on das x boot and a £12k win on mental (yes we spunked more 😂)

Or if they are just going to fuck the account off and keep the money under the excuse that we’re living in a restricted country, this is a massive amount of cash to us day job folk, so if there is anything you can do we would appreciate it that much I’ll just in the car, head down to Wrexham golf club and pay for your drinks all night looonnnngggg, keep up the good work, videos are mint and looking forward to the next! See ya mate.