Reply To: TransUnion – affordability

columbo70 WANTED $2

I feel your pain Ap…..same thing happened to me with Betfair – was a loyal customer for 7 years , was a VIP with always good communications with them then overnight BOOM!!!! £3000 limit reduced to £100… real explanation and a complete shut down of ant communications….felt like a criminal… only crime is that I am retired and do not work.

If you dont have a job that is reputable or your retired then you are treat as a scumbag…………I havent even got a correspondence to say thank you for your custom it really is poor.

but what concerns me is those players who are left………..with these casinos revenue been cut due to intrusive deposit limits and accounts closed , do they now make it even harder to win……..  Im sure this will come out in the coming future where casinos have cut their RTP by underhand ways