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Vinny123 WANTED $4

New to this site  but not to gambling.

Having trouble finding an exchange that doesnt boot me off after a couple of months,wondering where am I going wrong.

Since I went to the darkside my exchange history is as,account is still open but they changed the deposit account details after losing regulated status in the country they operated from, general opinion is that they are no longer safe to use..Kracken Pro, closed my account as I was sending Cryptpo direct to BC.Game, didnt say that but its the only reason I can think of.. didnt like the wallet I was using (Atomic), said I could no longer transfer to external wallets(presume they would not allow a transfer directly to BC.Game) and finally MoonPay,I used them for quite a while but closed the account when I thought I didnt need them as I had found cheaper options,when I couldnt use those options, I tried to open a new account (which they said was fine to do),but they wouldnt allow me use any payment options that were on the old account.So I am stuffed at the moment

Can anyone suggest an exchange that is casino friendly, cheap to use and wont close my account without warning