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AppleSux WANTED $6

Wrong wrong wrong..

GBP deposits to Kraken are free. £4000 to USDT costs £10.40 (0.26%). Usdt-BC Costs $1.

BC-Kraken is FREE for VIP30+. USDT back to GBP is still 0.26% so yes $45k would be about $117.(but IMPOSSIBLE to avoid and heck I’d happily pay that if u won 45k)And GBP back to bank is £5.

Issue is bandit is paying over $100 per 4k not 40k. This is almost certainly due to him either buying/selling crypto by debit card or paying via SEPA rather than BACS both of which are ridiculously expensive

I can 100% guarantee the Kraken fees if 0.26% having made over 50 deposits in this way.

There are many other crypto exchanges which charge much less . I use Bybit for trading but they , along with EVERY crypto exchange that is trustworthy do not support GBP fiat. This is entirely due to the UK government refusing licenses . I’m USED to be able use Binance but in 2022 their license was revoked and even the biggest crypto exchange in the world is not allowed to perform GBP transactions..