Reply To: Sticky situation

Weemonk23 WANTED $7

Only your rent? Been there plenty of times before and way worse situations. My advice, don’t hide from the problem. It exists and it isn’t going away. Here are my suggestions:

Be honest with your wife (and children if needs be). If you’ve been off gambling for 5 years then you’ve had a slip. Happens to the best of us. Let your wife know but more importantly give solutions to the problem.

Speak to your letting agency/landlord and say something has occurred (issue with your pay, emergency bill) and ask if the payment can be made late. You will not immediately be kicked out for missing the rent. Doesn’t work like that. If you work, worse case scenario is you have to double up on your next wage.

Look around your house and sell things you do not need on eBay or take them to Cash Gen (long term though this will cost). They are only possessions which can be bought again when your financial position improves. Downgrade if needs be. Have an expensive phone? Get it sold and get something cheaper for now.

Speak with friends/family if viable. Be honest and ask for help. This depends on your circumstances and your friends/family.

Is your credit good enough to get an overdraft? If so, get one.

Even if you can’t raise all the money for what you are missing, some is better than none.

Key thing is speak to the people involved. I’m sure you feel like poo and you are really disappointed that you have let yourself and others down. Don’t beat yourself up too much though. You aren’t the only person ever in the world to make a mistake. Missing rent is not good but it isn’t the end of the world.

Go and put yourself on Gamban or Gamstop so it doesn’t happen again.

Make sure when you speak to your wife you have a plan and have already taken action to rectify the problem.