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AppleSux WANTED $6

Ant 75 wrote:

Hi Phil

So is it possible that had applesux not gambled the bonus, and taken fewer spins, the end result could have been better?

I always thought a bonus gamble “win” would always be worth more?

Yeah I thought the same. I  know on extra chilli bonus for example (having bought about a thousand of them!) collecting 8 spins will 90% of the time result in a loss and I reckon the max 24 spins will 90% of the time result in a profit.

Millionaire I thought us a similar game because I have never profit once collecting 8 spins but the gamble to 10 often results in a lose. ( I lost twice last week with phone a friend 91% A!!) so assumed that , that is where a good chunk of the RTP goes towards the bigger wins.