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Seyahkram1977 WANTED $686

zandralapoi wrote:

Weirdest session ever, down to $20 on BC, went to Break Da Bank Again, had 9, YES 9, bonuses in about 15 mins, highest win $190, lowest $1.80, all on a 27c stake.  Not massive amounts,

I loved that game back in the day and never, NEVER, did I ever get so many Bonuses, let al!one so quickly.

That was the original High Volatility slot!

I do wonder about slots sometimes though……..!!

Break da bank is an og great game… my ultimate win on that was the jewels  with ( I think ) three wilds on the win line….sick sick game if you hit it right…

bandit tried it a few times and honestly it plays really bad when he does…