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Hey Phil

Hopefully not too off topic. I have a slot bonus that won’t complete. It is Kingmaker from BTG, the bonus round just errors on the last spin. I’ve reported several times the issue to the casino’s technical department and I just get the rhetoric ‘Clear your cache and cookies’. That’s always my first port of call. My question is, could I go direct to the game provider to get the issue cleared?



Ooh fun. The clear cache thing does fix a huge amount of issues sadly. So thats why it’s suggested.


Can you finish the round on another computer or device? That worked for me once.

You can ask the casino to make a ticket for the provider and give you that info. Then contact BTG on twitter or FB or Skype?

If its been over a week I’d be doing that for sure.


Great question though. This is very uncommon for an issue and CS aren’t anything to do with the games. Neither the casino. They rely on guesswork and then the provider to solve it.