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heisenberg wrote:

Excellent thread Phil. Some questions:

1) Is a bonus amount win (having landed the scatters normally) predetermined on the original press of a spin or is there another request sent to the provider for a bonus round result after the original spin has finished having landed the bonus?

2) Why do streamers ask their viewers to help pick click and choose type features? Presumably engagement-related reasons but they are wilfully lying to them IMO (assuming the streamers know it is predetermined).

3) How does Danger High Voltage programme out the possibility of landing four 6x wilds (max is three apparently) if it is completely random and technically it can land four of them on reels 2-4?

4) How many bonus results can the provider randomly choose from when someone buys a bonus?


1 – on 99% of games the bonus result is sent at the time.of the spin result. One or two are random but the vast majority are predetermined.


2 – oddly casino owners and a lot of streamers know fuck all about slots..I.mean the bandit is a prime example here. He knows dick all half the time. It’s done for engagement and for fun.


3 – Maths wizardry? I guess there is an if function somewhere not allowing it. I don’t honestly know how this is done but it’s in the maths of the games.


4 – well the result is one of every possibility from 0x to whatever the max win it based on a probability function. So millions of options and then even more ways of showing it.