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Moorside143 wrote:

Hi Steve

Please can you help me I trying to join Crypto Casino I have a VPN connection connected to Ireland but live Manchester I have set up Crypto Wallet but what do I do now what do I buy in and how do I send that to casino I don’t understand sorry Steve not a very technical person

Thanks Steve ( Same name as you lol)

So on your BC game account there is a deposit address in your account.

you buy what crypto you want on (I use Eth) once bought go on your wallet and click transfer then it will ask to deposit or withdraw . Click withdraw and then it will ask you for the address you want to send it too and this is the B/C game address.

you might need Google authentication as well which is a bit of a pain. And you also need to make a small deposit to for proof of bank account.


hope that helps. If not there’s a few YouTube videos about it