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Antwxm wrote:

Hi Phil hope your well  2 questions

No 1 is evolution gaming pre determined outcomes I.e

crazy time lightning roulette funkytime


no 2 what’s the better fruit machine to play iyo random b3 or compensated.



The evo one is a common argument over here in many circles. The widespread belief is that Evo has to run the games at specific RTP. The only way to do that is to control the outcome of the “top slot” in it. The wheel itsself is random on the spin, the dealers are looking at a camera, this is checked at random and other angles that regulators and game checkers have can see this. Its impossible to spin something that large and have it land “next to” a big win.


But the top slots and multis are always done after the spin starts. Its fully possible that the spin is tracked using software to see where it will land and give out a certain win size. This i fully believe. They are fun games but they are not “fully random”.


For question 2 i dont quite get what you mean?