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mrsdoyle1968 WANTED $6


I’ve been gambling since I could reach the slot to put a coin in (so nearly 50 years).  Decided this was the year to do something about it so referred my self to the GameChange Course viaGamCare.  You can self refer so no-one else needs to know, you get a form to fill out online and then you get a quick call to see if you are eligible (you will be).  You then get set up with a GamCare therapist who goes through your story over the phone.  You’ll then get a link to the course itself and on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, your therapist will phone you and go through the latest module of the course.   I’m 6 weeks in and haven’t gambled for 5 weeks now, my therapist a brilliant and I’ve told her stuff that I wouldn’t dream about telling anyone else, even my partner of 25 years!

Go for it mate, what’s the worst that can happen?    And by the way, I still enjoy watching The Bandit et al, probably more now than when I was losing my money.  Got my first holiday booked for October, haven’t been away for 9 years!!!   Whatever you do, good luck!!!