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Jfox WANTED $4

So honestly I was scared to come back on the site embarrassed and scared to look at the comments my heads just fucked doing too many ——- drinking too much can’t find a way out my heads screwed yes I’m a stupid fuck who deserves everything that’s coming my way seriously someone else must be in the same position I’m in now friends are worried

im not even eating heads so screwed up Its 4.55am got work in a few hours im not looking for sympathy just a relief to get it out there and Steve (bandit) like I said in the original post no one to blame but myself being a proper prick heads spinning 1000000000 miles an hour you people will only understand if you been here had hand in face crying not for me but for my daughter wtf am I doing I don’t even know anymore


bandit ( Steve ) everyone was worried about you when u fucked off and left us for a year but most of us understand why u fucked off


would be nice to put a face to the voice we all l<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>ove </span>


got a golf course less than 10 seconds from my front door come show me that swing u always brag about tiger got nothing on you mate


down Falmouth Cornwall anyone down this way and understand what the fuck im

Going through comment and come  put my head right please no one understand but someone in my nightmare Freddy Krueger got nothing on my nightmares



1 last thing thank you for the kind words to the few who commented that means the world to me knowing someone actually gives a fuck about my story just a fucking mess this could happen to anyone caught up in the gambling addiction