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AppleSux wrote:

HI Phil, so in the past 6 weeks or so ive been playing on the same site as Bandit and doing bonus buys galore but unlike him ive never hit more than 1500x.


Anyway my question relates to the old original BGT max megaways games (Buffalo Rising (now called Bison rising for some reason), Temple of Treasures and Bonanza etc.

So on Buffalo, it has the mystery option where u can get 5/10/15 spins with 1/5/10 multiplier. Obviously 15@10 is very rare but over about 100 spins i hit it twice. However, on both occassions it paid like 10x on the first spin and then 14 dead spins…both exactly the same. So for a £80 buy i got back £8.40 and £8.60 respectively..Now this is SUPPOSED to be a super rare bonus so i find it impossible to beleive its playing fair.

Similarly on Temple of Treasures i managed to get 15 spins with 10000 ways, again rare and supposedly the best combo. That one gave a ZERO payout !!. Im like WTF.

Clearly seeing bandits wins its hard to imagine BC is being crooked but its very suspicious that i got rinsed on all three super bonuses..

My best win actually came on the Golden Catch which is a genuine high volatility game . So in that one i expect a £100 buy will regularly pay 25% or less but with the older games which are not rated as high volatility its where im getting screwed..

Anyway sorry to waffle on but its hard to take when spending hours losing on bad buys and then finally hitting the “Big one” and still it screws you.

Comments? Thanks

Decent question.


Firstly – Golden catch is actually quite low volatility. The bonus avg is within a low to medium range. SO that hit was actually quite good. Nice work.

Games havent changed since regulations changed. The game code and approval from the industry regulators is the same, we havent had any updates on any games since its been releases in a while. For me the wins have actually gone up somehow. This is variance and can suck when it happens. I know this answer may not make you believe it but the ONLY way a slot changes like this is if the RTP drops between plays. But just check the RTP and see. The blueprint game ive played it a lot and had a couple of shocking 15×10 bonuses on that. But ive had a lot of great ones too it just averages out in the end.