Reply To: Self exclusion is now mostly bs ?

ImperialDragon WANTED $59

I stick with 2 gambling sites and put a limit on both of them.  They used to be Videoslots and Royal Panda.  When Royal Panda stopped trading in the UK, I added William Hill so it was back up to 2 sites again.  I don’t go above 2 sites, because if I do, where does it stop?

For offline, I leave my cards behind because I can pay for everything using my phone and there is no way that you can gamble in a shop if you can’t access an ATM.  Then once a month, I will bring a card in for an arcade gamble.

So I still gamble, except it’s once a month on 2 sites and once a month in an arcade.  It means I can still do it, just in a more controlled way.