Reply To: Lower payouts since UKGC regulations

farahtrousers WANTED $20

AppleSux wrote:

One thing i read ages ago, cant remember the source. But the difference between say a 95.5% payout and a 95% payout on the same game can mean the big wins are slashed. ie 95.5% games may occasionally pay a 2000x win but you will almost never see one on the 95% one , even the same game from the same provider.

You have to admit, this does sound like utter nonsense (I’m not saying it is ok).

But after covid, it genuinely feels alot more than bad. The consecutive loss sessions are way higher. It gets worse. The amount of time those loss sessions are taking is less too. For the first time ever, I have just self excluded from stores, yesterday. My brother self excluded a few months ago. And that gets worse too. UKGC are a farce.