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farahtrousers WANTED $22

ImperialDragon wrote:

<p>I get your frustration Seyahkram, and I’m fine with the language you used here (I’m not easily offended!) but I have a feeling that VS won’t return to this forum because of this.</p><p>Although VS could have acted on your wealth enquiries more swiftly, at the end of the day they’re only enforcing what the UKGC is asking them to do.  The UKGC is at the top of the blame pyramid.  They pretend that they’re interested in the welfare of problem gamblers, but they’re not really because their actions are pushing problem gamblers towards agents, crypto and illegal sites.  It is called virtue-signalling, and anyone from the UKGC reading this knows it.</p>

I would just gamban and be done with this utterly fucked industry. Walk into ladsbroke and self exclude from the fobt world too and then, take time out and consider a whole new past time that isn’t sucking you dry and funding some of the mentally sickest “business” on the planet.

Sit back and watch the whole industry implode.

“And what’s with this guy, sitting here in his Merkur top pretending he’s my friend while I hand over my whole months wages to him, his boss AND UKGC, in less than an hour?”

It comes to something when you hate chipcunt and then realise we are all at least a bit like him. Supporting this utterly fucking dire industry.

And that’s being polite. 🙂