Reply To: Right fuck it, videosluts can suck it

Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

Xbobmad wrote:

Idiots 😳 fuck them, I’m sure there’s more that will happily take your money 🤣

It’s just ( and I apologise for the harsh  word) it’s just utter retardeness, you closed my account because my hmrc was lower……. During a lock down ….. fucking no shit Sherlock ….the hmrc document is only a snap shot of one year …the year we were in lockdown ….did they not think “oi dave,  this dude pays a mortgage, kids go to nursery and on and on ….. perhapssssssssssss he might have work, perhaps he’s not key worker and has to stay home, perhaps he has savings or maybe he’s a secret spy who launders money for the kgb

“ nah don’t talk shit frank, he’s basically on the street… his tax bill during covid proves it, see during that time we were locked in our house and banned for working means he didn’t work as much, fucking suspicious ..“

fucking retarded ( apologies )