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bri1974 wrote:

Hi my friend videoslots  has asked me for a bank statements as a photo of my bank card even tho i have been a member of they site for over 5 years why them are asking i do not know would them show me they bank statements i guess not its shit the way uk gaming has gone i have already been blocked from another online casino site as i said no to show them my bank statements why should we show them what we earn and pay out each month it has nothing to do with them….

to avoid all this bank statement bs I open a new account made deposit of £10, and never use it again, when casino asks for bank statement I send it from the new account all it says £10 transaction 😂 I use PayPal for deposits from another bank if they ask to show earning in bank statement I simply say I get paid cash 😂 end of the day I don’t really care if they close my account, is my money I get check by bank I am not letting some Casino staff deal with my bank statement, they not FSA trained to deal with our bank statements