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HI All

I have been requested again to supply source of wealth information at videoslots.. ive sent all pdfs of bank statements and wage slips everything all above board. If i have 6k pending in the account which i can play with but ideally id like to spend some on a holiday, does anyone know roughly how long this process should take? on Average? i have spoken to chat and they just say  the department will respond as soon as they can. i do wager quite a bit to be fair but i earn good money but this type of thing really puts me off having a bash.


thanks if anyone replies.

I can put you off even more… I’ve had to move to my other sites 21 and casimba because of vs verification has taken so far …..over a year …… I kid you not …

try Pokerstart they limit by age over 30 you get 2k limit but you can extend it to 5k a month, same RTP as vs 94%, but you get free weekly, cash, they have a lot of games, WHG they closed lot of their sides from UK market I think only 21 dream casimba left