Reply To: Ridiculous stakes

The devil WANTED $76

I’ve said this a million times, bandit and rolla are the OG’s in my opinion there maybe a few more that I’m unaware of or didn’t watch but they made people want to get into this with the success etc but being one myself you know a genuine gambler also which is also what they are and there entertaining in different ways but it’s not forced and it’s just them, however I could name them all but your chipmonks, fruity, hideous, angry slots, bob slots you catch my drift there all entertainers, I’ve watched bits and bobs of them all and half the time they don’t even know what’s going on, some of them have never placed a footy bet or a horse bet, or you could even ask them a slot to play and there like don’t think I’ve seen this one or can’t remember that one, a mean some of it is just comical I’m not a fan of certain things but there ain’t many things I haven’t put a bet on in the past, might just be my opinion but it’s makes a massive difference in coming to a conclusion about these people.

It’s entertainment and a business there not anybody’s friend, they don’t particularly care about anything that’s going on in your life and that’s fine but they act like they do, the mods they have are like a cult and it’s all based on probably watching the bandit and rolla and thinking I can make money out of this which again if you can do it then fine but to me like bandit used to do massive giveaways sometimes even random giveaways which I received one in the past, gambling with money that is yours and not massively sponsored by dodgy casinos or promoting dodgy casinos, huge bonus matches it’s all a big joke to them.

There excuse is it’s expensive etc and yes it probably is when your producing 10 videos a week and 3/4 streams on top of that, must be gambling 24 hours a day some of them and fruity slots now there’s 3 of them involved it’s basically only 1 now, the main one doesn’t stream anymore apparently he’s too busy now in the background doing shit, some of them must be making a fortune from whether you like it or believe it, in my opinion conning viewers into signing up to casino after casino after casino.

Basically for me there entertainers/business people and couldn’t care less about anything really as long as people are filling their pockets up and then probably putting 10% back into the slots or whatever the other 90% is heavily sponsored/funded by the casino, none of them are actual genuine gamblers and if there is I’m yet to see one other than the two I’ve said!