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Xbobmad WANTED $717

farahtrousers wrote:

Xbobmad wrote:

the 5G chip was just settling in and made me feel a bit weird ??

that explains it then. i mean, not only are you saying it made you a bit weird, you are questioning others about if it did make you feel a bit weird. How is anyone else supposed to know how you actually feel ?

Hope things have improved. Otherwise you can still give me that £500 you had no idea you felt you wanted to give me, until now.

I’ve always been weird 🤣 I don’t know how long you’ve been checking the forum but if you see random question marks then that’ll be emoji that got lost after an update/server move, it makes old threads really fucking confusing. Blame @spidermint for all problems or @seedy just to stress him out a bit 🤣

If I had £500 the chances are it would be going towards a christening or a wedding at the moment.. Sorry 😐