Reply To: Ridiculous stakes

farahtrousers WANTED $22

me : he’s gonna lie down
my_wife : /strange look
bandit : /lies down

Let’s be honest, without knowing any facts which the entire majority have none, it’s all a gut feeling really isn’t it ? If someone asked :

Is bandit a real player ?
Well I honestly feel he is genuine even though I have seen him screwing around with £100k
If he isn’t real then props to him for being what I think must be the best actor playing slots streams ever.

But now compare any other streamer. Factor in the state of wealth vs the win/loss. A hungry man chancing a £1 is over the moon if a £70 jackpot drops in. Likewise bandit seemed very real in his experience on Jamming Jars 100k win the lucky fcuker.

Many of these streamers have a pause “how should I react?” (Hideous for example, does it almost every time) and then react. Most of them don’t seem real, don’t feel real.

For any fruit bat reading *** I am NOT even remotely suggesting bandit is fake. I literally have no reason to think so.