Reply To: Ridiculous stakes

Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

If you had that kind of money  would  you still gamble? Lottery winners still buy lottery tickets and as bandit has always said “ we always want one more “

these twats who play €1000 spins or 150k buy in proves that it’s utter bullshit because there’s no “ ahh shit “ no remorse, no worries …. Bandit misses millionaire box 2k gambling for 4K and he’s there for three minutes lamenting and regretting the “ daft “ choice …. That’s real … we’ve all done that.. “ why didn’t I just take that offer”

but these dicks do it 5 -6-7 one after each other 200k in …35k win … ah well , next!

don’t feel sick about it, it’s bullshit … and personally £10 a spin is comfortable as a max stake for me where I’m still comfortable but the stomach still wishes for a bonus asap …