Reply To: Can we expect a Bandit and Chip stream ?

farahtrousers WANTED $8

The devil wrote:

It would be so far from what you call epic, I would go the other way and say it’s the abyss of all dual streams and bandit wouldn’t dent his credibility by even entertaining an utter clown and disgrace of the community like chip so mr trousers kindly never mention that bloke again in this forum nobody on here likes him or wants to hear his name thanks and goodbye

Just to be abundantly clear and no I am not going down the road pursuant to ‘freedom of expression’ protests while fondly reminding myself that I will speak as I find as say wtf I like, now may be a good time to alert you to two facts that you may not have thought about in this here pact of bandit audience voices :

I have zero problems with the thread title although I can see some may not want to risk that creating what Bandit might think of as “a brillyant idea” but secondly, the line in post one was probably the most difficult lie I ever wrote. I absolutely abhor the knuckle dragging dunce.

Since we’re not mincing words.