Reply To: Azzi Gambling Fake?

The devil WANTED $76

There’s a few of them all in each other’s chats and stuff etc, apparently own a place in Ireland but I remember them starting out there’s him, bob slots and angry slots they were doing like 20p/40ps about a year or so, I’ve seen little clips there doing quids 2 quids £100-£200 bonus buys etc they just fall into the category of trying to replicate what bandit and rolls created there not proper gamblers though you can act and you can try and replicate best you can but if your not a proper gambler your never going to become big enough they pretty much don’t have a clue but they’ve got their support and good luck to them but they promote dodgy sites and wouldn’t surprise me if they do play demo mode.

Cant wait for the restrictions coming in because Ireland are going the same route as the UK next year they’re getting regulators in to control gambling over there and then all them are screwed, will be a very happy day for me, there’s load of them no nothing about gambling just do it to make money from gullible morons basically