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Rocknrolla wrote:

If its his anniversary then thought I’d just send a lil message and will do my best not to suck him off too much! But lets face he easily had the best real gambling channel out there!

Never have I been asked a question constantly so much about where he is and even by people that dislike my channel but will suck it up just for the one in a million chance I’ll reply with some sort of info.

He has all the best minerals for a gambling channel, a real gambler, pushes the limits, naturally funny as fuck, good and bad gambling history, original, doesn’t clickbait and just gambles the way he wants. I remember when I first watched his vids and I told him thank fuck that there was someone like him making a channel as the current majority of streamers/channels were non gambling assholes!

He helped a lot of people outside of all this that most won’t know because he did it for the right reasons.

Met him quite a few times and always had legendary moments and stories from our meets! Looking forward to some more meets in the future,  hope hes good and doing whats best for him, top bloke!

Nice to hear from yah Rolla I’m sure at some point there will be another drinking session 😀

Cough cough still waiting for  the Blackpool night out from like three years ago cough cough ….