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Weemonk23 WANTED $4

I like to have a read of this forum but never post but wanted to reply to what you have said and another comment about WHG.

Simple thing is to not let it wind you up. Bin off the casino, take your winnings and move onto another. I’ve found that if your overall net loss/profit with a casino is in your favour, a casino will do what they can to restrict you or bin you off.
I too was binned off by WHG who one day said I can’t afford to gamble. Based on what? My KYC which showed I could afford the limit they put on my account? No, based on that I won too often and there was no money coming in from me. Rizk did the same and put a £130 a month limit on my account and after lots of back and forth and proof of income just stopped me from being able to deposit. My overall net/loss was in my favour. LeoVegas did checks with me which included a phone call where they asked me about lots about my credit file. I didn’t even know they could credit search but it’s buried away in their T&C’s. One day, after a really good winning streak and plenty of withdrawals I had one of the ‘secret’ limits imposed on my account. You know the one that they do not advertise to you but after x amount you can’t deposit. Eventually they binned me off.

Flip side of this is my home of play casino currently I have a lifetime net loss of £25k and guess what……never had a problem. No phone calls, no limits. I’m left in peace to spunk what I wish, how I wish, when I wish.

The phone call is a shitter and out of order for how long it took and how they made you feel but as Xbobmad has put in his ever diplomatic way, how they manage their casino is up to them. Move on, don’t let it get to you. There is no customer loyalty in a casino’s eyes, they will do what they need to protect themselves whether that be from a UKGC fine or from a player losing them money.